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SINCE 2015 

AMPLE specialize in garden and outdoor industry for more than 10 years, with the help of endless efforts, now we have been playing an important role in the following industries: aquarium water pumps, aquaculture machinery, garden water equipments .

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☆  Pump casing use high quality ABS plastic, durable and unbreakable, anti corrosion。

☆  100% resin sealed motor, excellent insulation class IPX8, safe and stable.

☆  Wear resistant powerful shaft and rotor, ultra quiet and high efficiency, long service life.

☆  Customize seawater standard ceramic shaft, 24 hours running, heavy duty and quiet.

☆  Multi function for water pumping, fountain, filtering, aerating etc.

☆  Compact design, low consuption, large flow and high lift, easy to install, working smoothly and quiet.

☆  Free tool disassemble, easy to maintain and clean.

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